Throughout history, scientists have been effective in creating drugs that treat diseases. But they have to make an adequate substitute for a healthy immune system -. We used to think disorders were linked to agents. During the improvement of living standards as well as advances, scientists have used all types of compound drugs to inhibit the spread of agents and viruses. In the world today, we’re currently facing a new type of health challenge: disorders linked to our diets such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Searching for remedies is enough to fight disease; avoidance is the key to health that is better, and nutritional can offer the knowledge. According to immunology, once the body is deprived of nutrients, the immune system is weakened and loses its ability to shield us. When working properly, the immune system has the capacity to fight illness and disease; and conquer the attacks of toxins and pollutants. Unhealthy living habits diets and health knowledge are all causes of immune function that is suppressed. Without a functioning system, we can’t confront health risks of life, the microbial.

Facing health hazards and living in this new millennium help us see that education and research are very important to bring health. It is only if we have health that life begins. Recognizing that disease prevention addresses the issue of poor health more efficiently than searching for remedies,  study has found definite connections between the nutrition found in Plant Foods and Immune System function. According to the science of immunology, plant foods like vegetables, fruits, and herbs offer the rich supply of nutrients that the body requires. In actuality, enhance cholesterol levels and blood lipids, inhibit the growth of microbes and the phytochemicals are thought to prevent fat from boosting tumors.