Erectile Dysfunction: What Men Should Know

Experts estimate that a third of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. In any case, erectile dysfunction means a loss of quality of life.

When do doctors talk about erectile problems?

If only once it didn’t work out, men don’t have to worry. Only when this occurs frequently do doctors speak of erectile dysfunction, also known as ED for short. Then it is advisable to visit a urologist or andrologist. For example, you can visit an expert who specializes in the reproductive functions of men and their disorders. ED is not only because of the lack of an erection itself but also because it can sometimes be a symptom of another disease. Some people would advise you to visit. However, it is always good to visit a doctor first.

Erectile dysfunction: Why is it?

Many factors influence an erection. For example, testes that are retarded during growth do not sufficiently produce the sex hormone testosterone, which plays an important role in an erection. Damaged nerves and circulatory disorders are also possible causes. Certain medications can also affect potency. Some diseases can also play a role, for example by damaging the blood vessels. A factor that you should not underestimate is the man’s psyche. Under stress and too much pressure to succeed, erectile problems can easily occur. They attack self-confidence which makes matters worse – a vicious circle.

What does the doctor do?

In addition to the blood vessels, he examines whether there is still an erection at night. Every healthy man has erections several times during his sleep that he does not even notice. In addition to the organic causes, the doctor also devotes himself to the psyche of the person concerned. Oftentimes, the man is faced with expectations that he cannot meet. Since some of these processes take place unconsciously, sex therapy, possibly with your partner, can help.

Do medication help?

In recent years, drug therapy has developed significantly. These include above all the so-called PDE-5 inhibitors. They have a special effect on the smooth muscles of the erectile tissue in the penis, ensure an increased blood supply and thus facilitate an erection.

Health Medication in Dosage Form


Medications should arrive at the spot in the body where they should work. Accordingly, an appropriate measurements structure is picked during production. In addition to tablets, ointments, and so forth, there are numerous different structures. Not by just taking medication, but it is also important to know the significance of a healthy diet for our daily well-being.

The dosage structure depends, in addition to other things, on the physical and chemical properties of the medication and where it should work. For instance, a specialist expected to work in the lungs can be breathed in. A medication used to treat a vaginal disease can be embedded through a vaginal suppository. Dynamic fixings that are generally ingested into the body through the oral mucosa can likewise be found in biting gum. A notable model is nicotine biting gum for smoking suspension.


On account of syringes only (injections), active substances are dissolved in a fluid. In the event that a medication is to fill in as fast as could be expected, for instance in an emergency situation, it is frequently injected into a vein (iv, intravenous). Assuming you need the medication to work all the more slowly or not get directly into the bloodstream, injections into a muscle (im, intramuscular) or under the skin into fat tissue (subcutaneous) are conceivable.

Some dynamic fixings must be injected, any other way, they will be separated in the stomach or digestion tracts. This incorporates, for instance, insulin. Most antibodies additionally must be infused, therefore. Numerous infusion arrangements must be saved for a brief time frame in the wake of being opened without refrigeration.

Hygiene is especially significant when taking care of injection solutions, syringes, and needles. They must be clean, in any case, microbes can easily get into the body. After use, they should be disposed of securely so that nobody is harmed.


A few drugs can be embedded into the rear-end (rectally) as suppositories. They can contain dynamic fixings that should work exactly around here. In any case, medications can likewise be utilized rectally if different spaces of the body are to be dealt with. The dynamic fixings are consumed by the gastrointestinal mucosa and afterward go through the circulatory system to where they should foster their impact. Suppositories are regularly picked when it is hard to take medicine, for instance, in case they are retching or then again if youngsters have a fever and can’t or don’t have any desire to take tablets.

Vaginal suppositories are embedded into the vagina to treat irritation or parasitic contaminations, for instance. They break down in the vagina and delivery their dynamic fixings. There are likewise vaginal tablets and salves for effective use. They are typically provided with a plastic inserter (tool).

Drops, ointments, and sprays for eyes, ears, and nose

For the treatment of inflammation in the eyes and ears, for instance, there are drugs as drops that are instilled directly into the eye or ear. Ear drops should not be too chilly, if not, the application can prompt pain or dizziness. There are likewise eye treatments and gels that are set in the conjunctival sac of the lower eyelid. It is especially significant for eye meds that they are sterile.

Medications as nasal drops and showers can be utilized in the present moment to treat colds and allergies. You put a specific number of drops or a specific amount of spray into your nose with a pipette. Press the pipette out of your nose again to avoid contaminating the medication with nasal secretions.