Know the Benefits of a Full Arch Fixed Dental Bridge

Individuals who have lost most of their teeth no longer find enjoyment in the food they eat, while eating without teeth also poses various oral and health risks. In such cases, consider a Full Arch Fixed Implant as your dental implant  replacement treatment.

Chewing with gums only, would take more force and effort for both the gums and jaws, just to make swallowing of food easier on the oesophagus. Moreover, having damaged and severely irreparable teeth can lead to various oral complications, including making an individual self-conscious about his or her looks.

With not enough teeth to chew the food down, it might also cause digestion problems. Digestion is a complex process, which involves multiple organs that work together in order to function properly.

The entire digestive process starts with the mouth, where food fragments should be broken down properly. Otherwise, incomplete digestion could happen. Undigested food will lead to wasted nutrients as they would not be extracted from the food, and the food will only stay in the colon to become a fodder for bacteria. This would lead to various symptoms of indigestion such as flatulence and bacterial growth.

If you’re in the same situation and condition and considering dental implant replacements, the most popular recommendation you would find is the Full Arch Fixed Implant bridge mounted on an All-on-6 or All-on-5.

Know More about Full Arch Fixed Implant Bridges

A full arch fixed implant bridge is a dental solution that replaces the upper or lower row, or both upper and lower rows of decaying or missing teeth. This dental implant is fixed and replicates a full set of teeth that are secured into the jaw with metal implants.

This type of dental treatment is considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure as it imitates the shape, form, and contours of natural teeth. Unlike the Implant Overdenture treatment, the dentures cannot be removed after it has been affixed. Once the procedure has been completed, the result takes on a natural appearance wherein the teeth seem to emerge from the gums.

Moreover, it does not cover the roof of the mouth because the upper bridge has no palatal coverage. That is why this type of dental implant is advantageous for patients with pharyngeal or gag reflex problems.

Overview of Full Arch Fixed Implant Procedure

There are two stages in the full arch fixed implant treatment. The first is the Provisional Implant Prosthesis, which is worn for a short term during the implant healing and bone fusing period. The second stage is the fitting and affixing of the final and long term Definitive Implant Prosthesis.

The first stage may last up to a whole year as it is does not serve as the final solution. The 1-year waiting period also gives patients the opportunity to financially prepare for the next and final Full Arch Fixed Bridge

Some patients prefer keeping the Provisional Implant Prosthesis, by having another remade a the end of the year. However, the downside to this option is that in the long run, remaking of Provisional Implant Prosthesis costs more if compared to just having the final prosthesis in the second stage.